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Test, straight a test

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Walton the mining boom isnt manufacturing's bad guy



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NewbieActivity: 9Merit: 0 Re: [XMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency May 31, 2014, 01:31:28 AM #21 Quote from: gmaxwell on May 31, 2014, 12:36:46 AM I think it would be useful to have an incentive (or a mechanism) to increase demand for XMR via mining.

You want people to actually mine for XMR, not just buy XMR mining software for personal use? You want people to actually mine for XMR, not just buy XMR mining software for personal use?


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Hero MemberActivity: 631Merit: 500 Re: [XMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency May 31, 2014, 03:17:30 AM #22 Quote from: HobbsJr on May 31, 2014, 01:55:15 AM

How do I get started with XMR mining? Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion! I am a bit intimidated by mining, but just got started this week so that's what I'm going to try to figure out first. I'm going to be using XMR to mine, using my personal hardware as a block explorer, etc.

I'm thinking of having XMR mine on my Raspberry PI, then run through my testnet on a Raspberry Pi. I'll use my personal mining laptop for testing, and just take a few days to find what is working on my Raspberry PI, then put everything back together and mine.

I think it would be a good idea if XMR could be bought on a platform such that someone could buy a handful of XMR and then immediately mine (I'm assuming that's the best method to get the most coins back in the shortest period of time). If I use a cheap PC/laptop/tablet to mine, and get an average of 1BTC/hr, it would be worth my while and would help me out greatly on a yearly basis if I run a full node. I think that the XMR mining network should be on the most up to date version of XMR mining software for each version. If I want to mine XMR, I could setup a custom setup to support each new XMR version, and update my mining rig with the latest version of XMR. Maybe I can get around it by mining a pool (at leas

Ses out in force for storm damage clean up

Police officers help in clearing away piles of debris in a major storm in the north-west of England on Friday. REUTERS/Paul Hackett Storm damage continues to affect houses in a major storm on the outskirts of Newcastle. REUTERS/Yutaka Sato

"I've got a house to clean and it can't go to the ground because there's not enough water," said Alex, 23, who works as a school librarian.

She described how her two children had to be rescued from flood-ravaged homes in Eastbourne.

"They were all on the floor. They were crying," she said of her family, a mixed ethnic couple, and friends.

"We'd have one big flood when we were here with no power. The house that they were living in went away."

A severe weather warning remained in place for areas across northern England on Friday, warning "dangerous and violent conditions, including swells and heavy rain" ahead.

A man uses a chainsaw as he repairs his destroyed house in the Manchester area of Manchester, U.S. September 12, 2016. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

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Очень понравилась статья! круто написано)
Заказать свадебную видеосъемку -

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Accident sparks appeal for farm safety and other areas of improvement, farm safety advocates say

The federal government has received $18 million from the Saskatchewan government to address the risks of farm fires, but those funds haven't gone to anything substantial in Saskatchewan or anywhere else, says Paul Edwards, executive director of the Saskatchewan Farm Safety Network.

Edwards says his group is hoping for a significant increase in funding to help provide more resources and expertise for the federal government.

There were 26 fatal farm-fire deaths in Canada last year, down from 35 deaths in 2016, and Edwards has argued that funding is needed to provide the resources to prevent such occurrences.

"There was a trend from the mid-2000s on where fire safety resources were prioritized and there has been some progress since then," Edwards says.

Edwards says the federal government is responsible for spending money that needs to be directed towards disaster preparedness.

"There's been a number of people who've said you've got to create more resources on a programmatic basis and so it's really hard to get the funding now," he says.

'Too many red flags'

In March, Agriculture Minister Matt Cameron announced a $2.5-million program to provide emergency response funding to farmers to help them protect their crops against severe fire conditions, floods or droughts.

An Alberta-based agriculture consulting company estimates that a farm fire is likely to be devastating to crops from about five to 10 acres.

But the provincial government says it doesn't get to make decisions about how best to save farmers from such incidents.

The province said the provincial Government Emergency Response Program is not "a government emergency" and that the federal government would be "unlikely" to fund emergency funding to provide more resources.

"There's just too many red flags out there that are coming up and there's not enough support for them," says Rick Schimack, president of Schimack Farmers.

"They're trying to create their own emergency program... without the help of an organization. So there's a big need to do it on their behalf."

A study done with the province shows that the fire safety fund would cover only about three percent of the $45-million projected by the minister's office.

"What it really means is if there was a crisis, they would need to look at where those resources were going to go, not how much they could put into the emergency fund," says Schimack.

Alberta Fire Chiefs Association chief Gord Stilwell says he is also concerned by what they call "lack of support" from the federal government in Saskatchewan's wildfire situation.

A report in The Fort Nelson Morning-Post reported that th

Wa super coral may recover faster after bleaching event than prior to event, according to latest study published in Nature Communications

Melanesia's iconic coral reef system could be spared devastating bleaching event that killed more than 5,000 corals in June

Tropical storms are hitting the island, especially during June, and can destroy many reefs.

Researchers on Thursday carried out a study to estimate how much coral might recover during the worst of the heat wave following the June 2016 bleaching event.

The researchers, led by University of New South Wales science journalist Jason Kilduff, carried out the study to test different models of how bleaching may affect the reefs in the event of a global warming climate.

In the model, corals are estimated to recover from being stressed during the heat wave.

The model assumes a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere by the middle of this century, a climate similar to the current period of global warming, if it was not offset by further mitigation measures.

Researchers say the team's findings could have a major influence on the decision to boost research into reducing global emissions of carbon dioxide, which accounts for around 80 per cent of the emissions from human activities.

'This is one of the strongest bleaching events we have ever experienced,' Kilduff said. 'The number one bleaching event in the ocean in history is actually only happening today – it's the strongest event we've seen in the tropical Pacific.'

The bleaching is estimated to have left 663,000 tonnes of coral dead, including 932,000 corals, in the last nine years, with many of these dying within months.

In Australia, some of the world's biggest reef ecosystems such as Great Barrier Reef and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are threatened by the heat wave.

New figures published in the journal Nature Communications said the average number of corals dying per week in the region around the world is over three.

This comes even after several other reports said corals w

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